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Welcome to Herbal How To Guide
Focusing on HOW to work with herbs.

The Herbal How To Guide is dedicated to sharing knowledge of how to work with plants and living a more natural lifestyle. I don't tell you 'what' to take (an herbal cure is for your Medical Professional to decide). I teach you HOW to prepare it. From growing herbs and wildcrafting, to simples and herbal tea, to preparing culinary herbs, to playing with herbal crafts (such as making herbal soaps, creams and lotions, brooms, weaving, and so much more).

My dedication extends to the love of our natural world, living a beautiful, comfortable life, and learning how to work with Nature. Its about beautiful gardens, both created and wild, and heavenly smells on a nature walk (no matter where you live). Its about relieving the stress of life and learning how to stop and smell the roses.

Plants have a rich and beautiful history and, as each of us learns and tries something new, we add to that history with our own discoveries. Many of our medicines today began with a knowledge of herbs and applying an herbal cure. Cooking with culinary herbs includes the art of understanding what spices will enhance a meal (or bring comfort to our loved ones). And we should be asking, "Was it magic, or was there truth behind some of the old wives-tales?" Use Herbal How To Guide to begin your walk of discovery.

And then there's the unparalleled beauty of our Natural World!


Here at Herbal How To Guide, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of herbs, gardening information and growing herbs, basic preparations with both herbs and natural products, teaching ways to live in an Eco Friendly home, and much more. Part of my goal is to present the information in an 'easy to understand' format.

Start by using the site navigation on the upper left and enjoy all the information that's already here.

Herbal How To Guide is building an ever growing community of people who love Wildcrafting (collecting herbs in the wild), and wish to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. This is a place to both learn and share. The founder, Sandy Marie, has over 35 years of experience in the field. She will be sharing everything from the basics to advanced herbal crafts in a Social Setting. Because of the power of Google+ the community is located on our own Google+ page. Please join us:
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Many Herbal Blessing,
From Herbal How To Guide to You,
Sandy Marie

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